Natural Area and Wildlife Habitat Preservation

  • Natural Resource Preservation - Restoration and Enhancement
    When the Park District acquires natural areas, they are often in need of services beyond basic maintenance and monitoring. Staff may do minor enhancement projects that remove invasive weeds or improve wildlife habitat. In other cases, significant restoration work will be performed to re-establish natural water flows, prevent erosion, or replant an area with native species, all to improve water quality.
  • Natural Resource Land Acquisition
    The Park District's Natural Resources Management Plan provides a vision of a network of connected parks that provide for wildlife habitat and migration as well as environmental and recreational needs such as hiking. Bond funds could be used to acquire forests, wetlands, and stream corridors. Land acquisition is targeted for all four quadrants of the Park District.

    Potential locations include:
    Allenbach Acres Park, Rock Creek Trail Corridor, Waterhouse Trail Corridor, Kaiser Ridge Park, Jordan Park, Cedar Mill Park, Roger Tillbury Memorial Park, Willow Creek Park, Beaverton Creek Trail Corridor, Tualatin Hills Nature Park, AM Kennedy Park, Rosa Park, Jenkins Estate, Westside Trail Corridor, Summercrest Park, Lowami Hart Woods, Greenway Park, Camille Park, Vista Brook Park.
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